Northeastern Tribal Health System Mission, Goal, Vision, and Values

The mission of the Northeastern Tribal Health System is to promote good health and prevent disease while providing quality health care to the surrounding Native American Community.


The goal of the Northeastern Tribal Health System is to empower and educate the surrounding Native American Community to achieve and maintain the best possible health.


The vision of the Northeastern Tribal Health System: The Northeastern Tribal Health System will serve as a prime resource and advocate for health in the surrounding Native American Community, linking it to the health care system, actively identifying existing and evolving health care needs, and striving to meet those needs.




Respect:                      Patients, staff, family and community will value each other and treat one another with courtesy and consideration.


Partnership:               Northeastern Tribal Health System staff is part of a team, which also includes the surrounding Native American Community, individual patients, family members, and other health care resources.


Responsiveness       We strive to be aware of the Native American Community’s needs and to find ways to address those needs.


Wholeness:                 We work toward health and well being in all aspects—physical, psychological, social, and spiritual—of the lives of our patients, staff, families, and surrounding Native American community.


Wisdom:                     Rational, effective, cooperative, and compassionate use of limited resources to accomplish the mission and promote long-term health and function of the surrounding Native American community.