Diabetes / Wellness Program

The goal of the Diabetes/Wellness Program is to teach patients that proper diet, exercise and sometimes medication can help them maintain an active and productive lifestyle. Diabetes Program staff, in conjunction with Clinic Providers, educate patients about diabetes and ways to delay complications such as kidney disease, heart disease and loss of vision or limb.

The team consists of a Diabetes Coordinator, Registered Dietitian, Wellness Coordinator, Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Case Manager, CVD Data Coordinator and Program Secretary.

The Diabetes Coordinator, a Certified Diabetes Educator, supervises the Diabetes Program Staff and provides patient education. The Registered Dietitian, also a Certified Diabetes Educator, meets with diabetes patients annually to clarify individual carbohydrate and caloric needs. The Wellness Coordinator leads group exercise classes, gives personalized instruction on exercise equipment and over-sees all components of the Wellness Center. The Diabetes Secretary trains new patients on the use of blood glucose meters and schedules appointments with program staff.

The CVD Case Manager and CVD Data Coordinator are the most recent additions to the Diabetic team. They are in charge of The Healthy Heart Project. The purpose of the project is to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in patients with Type 2 Diabetes. If you have Type 2 Diabetes and would like to join the project, please call (918) 332-4344.

All clinic employees are involved with the Tuesday and Thursday morning Diabetes Clinics. Fasting blood work is done a few days prior to the patient’s appointment. Along with seeing a provider, diabetics are given one-on-one diabetes and nutritional education, offered foot care and are encouraged to make eye and dental appointments.

The Wellness Center is free to all clinic patients as well as any person with a CDIB card or that works for a local tribal affiliated facility. Participants must get medical clearance prior to beginning an exercise program at the Wellness Center. Wellness Center hours are Monday–Friday 6 a.m—6 p.m. Call 918-332-4327 for more information.

The DM department would invite all diabetic patients and anyone wanting to know how to achieve better health to take a look at the website www.choosemyplate.com