A Welcome Letter to Our Patients

  On behalf of the staff and healthcare providers of the Northeastern Tribal Health System (NTHS) we would like to welcome you to our website and share with you our commitment to providing exceptional, safe, and compassionate care to all of our patients and their families.

  NTHS is a multi-service healthcare clinic evaluated by Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care standards. Our organization strives to provide patient focused care in a family oriented environment. We believe in providing personalized care by utilizing a patient-centered medical home team approach. Although we have a unique, new facility, the dedication and experience of our staff, physicians, and providers are the reasons for our success.

  We realize that being in a healthcare facility can be an uneasy experience. Therefore, through our values of respect, partnership, responsiveness, wholeness, and wisdom we strive to make your visit as pleasant, comfortable and successful as possible. These values drive our organization.

  We always welcome you to take our patient satisfaction survey or just send us a message with questions or comments. Your communication is extremely valuable for us to meet all of your health care needs. 

Thank you,

J. Tink Smith, RN, BSN, MBA

Chief Executive Officer


Additional Administrative Departments

Administrative Officer

The Administrative Officer works in conjunction with the CEO and HR director. The AO is responsible for assisting in the resolution of problems and concerns; medical credentialing; recruiting and staffing; and compliance with grant programs. For assistance, call (918) 332 4324.

Business Office

The billing staff is responsible for claims processing for private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid, pursuing and posting collections and the maintenance of these records. For billing, questions call (918) 332-4353, or (918)332-4359.

Health Records

The Health Records staff is responsible for the maintenance and accessibility of complete uniform records of outpatient care on each patient. The department is responsible for the legal disclosure of  medical data to other agencies according to the privacy regulations under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). The registration staff is responsible for managing the NTHS  patient registration system, including the responsibility of originating, maintaining and updating the system. The Health Records staff is responsible for maintaining private insurance information, Medicare and Medicaid information and signatures. For inquiries please call 

(918) 332-4391.  

Human Resources

If you are looking for an exciting career in a multicultural  environment, explore what the Northeastern Tribal Health System (NTHS) has to offer you. NTHS provides quality health care to Native Americans through a variety of direct patient care, public health service and administrative positions. Apply for a position with NTHS today!

The facility offers expanded salaries, excellent benefits, loan repayment options, no weekends, and no call. To apply please submit a cover letter, current resume and application. Applicants claiming Indian preference must submit proof with their resume. Applicants will be required to pass a pre-employment background check. To apply, send  requested documents to:

Audrey Fenoughty, M.S.
Human Resources Director
Northeastern Tribal Health System
P.O. Box 1498
Miami, Oklahoma 74354
(918) 332-4453
Fax: (855) 745-3601

Information Technology

Northeastern Tribal Health System strives to run on the latest medical software and hardware to facilitate patient care in the best, most efficient, way possible. 

For inquiries please call (918) 332-4401

Insurance Coordinator

The Insurance Coordinator is responsible for verifying and entering all private insurance for NTHS patients. If you have changes to your private insurance information, please contact the Insurance Coordinator at (918) 332-4349 

Patient Benefits Coordinator

The Patient Benefits Coordinator acts as an advocate/liaison for patients to identify alternate resources for which the patient may be eligible therefore enhancing the level of services to the beneficiaries. The Patient Benefits Coordinator can assist with applications or supply information on programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Administration, Affordable Care Act/Health Insurance Marketplace, along with various tribal programs that may be available. If you would like  information or have questions about alternate resources please contact the Patient Benefits Coordinator at (918) 332-4345. 

Patient Services

The Patient Services Department is comprised of the Patient Registration/Scheduling Clerks, Insurance Coordinator, Patient Benefits Coordinator and the Patient Services Supervisor.

The Patient Registration/Scheduling Clerks are the initial point of entry every time a patient presents for services and is the first impression of our facility during the patient’s initial interview. The patient  registration/scheduling clerks are responsible for obtaining and updating eligibility and demographic information for new and active patients while checking patients in for their appointments and  scheduling all medical appointments for patients. If you have questions, regarding eligibility documentation required to establish or  reopen a chart at Northeastern Tribal Health System or would like to schedule an appointment with a medical provider, please contact Patient Services at (918) 332-4478.

Patient Services Supervisor

The Patient Services Supervisor supervises the Patient Services Department. If you have questions about eligibility for any services that are available to you and/or your family or medical appointment scheduling please contact the Patient Services Supervisor at (918) 332-4360.

Purchased and Referred Care

Purchased and Referred Care is involved in the procurement of medical services from the private sector for patients in need of care not directly available from Northeastern Tribal Health System or an Indian Health Services facility. If an eligible person requires care that is not available at the NTHS facility, or an IHS facility, a referral is made to a non-Indian hospital and/or physician.

The Purchased and Referred Care staff arranges appointments with contract specialists for patients referred by tribal physicians and receives information on emergency visits to private healthcare  facilities. Referrals and emergency call-ins are reviewed weekly and prioritized in order of medical need by the Purchased and Referred Care Services Review Committee. The NTHS PRC staff must be notified within 72 hours after the beginning of emergency treatment. For more information, please contact the PRC office at (918) 332-4470.

Contact Us

Northeastern Tribal Health System

Northeast Tribal Health Center, Miami, Oklahoma 74354, United States

P.O. Box 1498, Miami, Oklahoma 74355 Main Phone Line (918) 542-1655


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Closed: Weekends, Federal Holidays, and first Wednesday morning of each month until 1 p.m. for staff meetings. 

For after-hours care contact:

Claremore Indian Hospital at (918) 342-6200

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