Community Health Representatives


The Community Health Representative (CHR) Program was implemented to improve the health knowledge, attitudes and practices of Indian people by promoting, supporting, and assisting the Indian Health Service in delivering a total health care program. The efforts of CHR program  staff have produced an American Indian and Alaska Native health service delivery system, which provides for follow-up and continued contact with the health care delivery system at the community level, thereby meeting the most basic needs of the American Indian and Alaska Native population. The  goal of the CHR Program is to address health care needs through the provision of community-oriented primary care services, including traditional Native concepts in multiple settings, utilizing  community-based, well-trained, medically-guided health care workers.*

Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma

Elizabeth Chenoweth

10135 S. Bluejacket Rd

Wyandotte, OK 74370

Cell: (918) 533-1993

Fax: (918) 972-1834 

Miami Nation

Annie White
P.O. Box 1326
Miami, OK 74355

Myaamia Wellness Center

2309 W. Newman Road

North Miami, OK 74354

Office: (918) 541-1300 x2172

Fax: (918) 542-7260 

Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma

Linda Plott

P.O. Box 110

13 S. HWY 69 A

Miami, OK 74355

Office: (918) 540-2377

Fax: (918) 542-3214 

Peoria Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma

Barbara Stacy, LPN

P.O. Box 1527

118 S. Eight Tribes Trail

Miami, OK 74355

Office: (918) 540-2535 x 22

Fax: (918) 540-2538 

Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma

Jasmine Smith

P.O. Box 765

903 Whitebird Lane

Quapaw, OK 74363

Office: (918) 238-3151

Fax: (918) 674-2251 

Seneca-Cayuga Tribe of Oklahoma

Rene Williams

23701 S. 655 Rd

Grove, OK 74344

Office: (918) 791-6047

Fax: (918) 786-9180

Northeastern Tribal Health System

Jody Ford, RN & Tiffany Koronis, RN

7600 State Hwy 69A

P.O. Box 765

Miami, OK 74355

Office: (918)-332-4343 or (918)-332-4306

Fax: 855-919-1541

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Northeastern Tribal Health System

Northeast Tribal Health Center, Miami, Oklahoma 74354, United States

P.O. Box 1498, Miami, Oklahoma 74355 Main Phone Line (918) 542-1655


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08:00 am – 05:00 pm

Closed: Weekends, Federal Holidays, and first Wednesday morning of each month until 1 p.m. for staff meetings. 

For after-hours care contact:

Claremore Indian Hospital at (918) 342-6200

Cherokee Nation W. W. Hastings at (918) 458-3100

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